maandag 9 november 2009

Illusion of life (???)

I got a bit distracted lately by this little side project.
At the 24th of October my baby-girl was born; Mae Elisabeth Marjolein Assink!
This new rig (the Mae_1.0) will be fully animated by herself. The only thing I can do is watch and be entertained!
...or, well, something like that.
enjoy one of the first renders, doesn't she look well textured!!
-have to stop talk nerdy now, otherwise there will be a to big of a gap between planet Sem and planet Mae-

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M Davletshin zei
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M Davletshin zei

Congrats!!! glad for you, guys! shake your hand, man! say hi to Mae & Mieke!

Bas Cahuzak Amsterdam, Netherlands zei

wow gefeliciteerd!! :)
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