maandag 24 januari 2011

11SecondClub: December

I joined the 11Secondclub competition of December.
It was a lot of fun to do some key frame animation again (ended up fourth by the way)
You can find a high ress version at their website

zondag 10 januari 2010

Class 6 Short

Since I have barely no time any more to work on my (Animation Mentor) Short,
I decided to upload my final version of what I have animated right now.
So this is only the last part of the short in polished animation. The models have no armour, props yet and are not textured, lightened and rendered.
But I don't think I will have time to finish it anyway. So I see it as a good learning process (I can still have nightmares if I see the two crossed swords :S )
And yes, I'm not really happy with most of the stuff I see right now - especially at the close up when they clash for the second time, blough! -

maandag 9 november 2009

Illusion of life (???)

I got a bit distracted lately by this little side project.
At the 24th of October my baby-girl was born; Mae Elisabeth Marjolein Assink!
This new rig (the Mae_1.0) will be fully animated by herself. The only thing I can do is watch and be entertained!
...or, well, something like that.
enjoy one of the first renders, doesn't she look well textured!!
-have to stop talk nerdy now, otherwise there will be a to big of a gap between planet Sem and planet Mae-

maandag 17 augustus 2009

Animation Mentor Summer Showcase 2009

Yeah! I made it to the Animation Mentor Summer Showcase 2009. The first two animations are from me. Its a BIG honour to be on a reel filled with so many great animations! My special thanks for Juus Piek, who delivered some awesome audio again (for both animations)
check out the reel at this link: SHoWCASE 2009

zaterdag 27 juni 2009

Class 05 -Layout -

In this version you can see the Layout.
So everything (camera and models) is set up in 3D.
The timing and shots are set. Ready for the next step: animation.
-There is no sound under this clip-

vrijdag 19 juni 2009

Class 05 -Short Film Pre Production-

So this semester we started the Short Film Pre-Production.
Part of this job is making an Animatic (some kind of moving storyboard)
so the timing and story of the film should be readable.
There is no sound yet. I hope to get that in soon.

zaterdag 17 januari 2009

Class 04 Assignment

This is my Class 04 Assignment of Animation Mentor. We had about six weeks to create this animation on top of a sound file you had to find yourself (my audio file is from Idiocracy)
UPDATE: just decided I will finish the last two classes (where you have to create your own Short)... so that you know :)