zaterdag 1 november 2008

Animation Mentor Monologue

I now reached my last semester at Animation Mentor (class4)
As I just started with the Dialogue shot (two characters acting) here you can see my just finished monologue shot.
The assignment was simple: get an acted sound line from a film and animate the character on this piece of dialogue. In my case I got the line from Will Farrel in the Wedding Crashers

Killzone Trailer

almost done with Killzone 2 (FP shooter for the Playstation3)
so here another sneak peek from our cute and happy game.

zondag 27 juli 2008


So, since I stopped for one semester at Animation Mentor, I have some time to spend at rendering my shots of my last assignments.
This one is still from semester 2, where the assignment was to get Stu to make a jump and land.
Well, I started with the landing and made him jump after. And I also scaled Stu in such a way he became a weird looking huge creature (I first collored him green, but my friendly colleagues pointed out it made him look like a giant courgette :)

zondag 23 maart 2008

Animation Mentor Class Assignment Class 2

ok here it is,
my last assignment for Animation Mentor Class 2!
My friend Juus added the sound effects.

vrijdag 29 februari 2008

Animation Mentor Class2

We are just halve way through Animation Mentor Class 2
So here already one of the first assignments:

maandag 21 januari 2008

Animation Mentor Class 1 Reel

Animation Mentor, an online school set
up by Animators for Animators,
I can't say it enough, this is the best
school to learn everything about animation.

Right now class Two just started for me
and it will end in March when class 3 starts.

So I can show you what I actually did the
last three months for class One.

donderdag 17 januari 2008


I just finished this Short animation, actually it is more one of Animation Mentor assignments which got a bit out of hand.
I just liked the little character with the tail, and so I had to make this little story out of it...
Thanks to Juus Piek's sound design, which is great again!
And of course thanks to Animation Mentor's rig "Tailor" and my class 1 Mentor James Chiang.

dinsdag 15 januari 2008

Hold the Line -graduation short-

Hold the Line was my graduation Short at the Netherlands Film and Television Academy.
here the official credits:

Sem Assink, who wrote, directed and designed the film.
Niels de Groen, who assisted Sem during the nine month-project. Together they modeled, rigged and animated the characters; and afterwards they composited the characters in the 2D backgrounds.
Steven Geldof
produced Hold the Line.
Dusan Petkovic edited the film, first at storyboard level, but as the animations progressed, Dusan refined his edit.
Ruth Bader
handled the decoupage during storyboard creation.
Jeroen Damen recorded and created all the effects and sound creation together with Donovan Kemper.

The production was made possible with the help of people outside the film academy:

Juus Piek, a talented voice-actor (and sound-technician), lent his voice to all four actors.
Bart Redingius
coached the students during the production.
Alan van Ramshorst
and Lennart Kleinen created an inspiring alternative soundtrack.
Jeroen Hooghoudt and Marijn Eken assisted with the visual effects

10 secondclub entries

They might be a bit out of date, but I think some of them are still fun to watch.
I once animated those clips for the well known 10 secondclub - a monthly based animation contest on ten seconds of given sound, now also known as the -

June 2007 (Animwatch) Entry

August 2006 Entry

March 2006 Entry

February 2006 Entry